Top 8 Skin Care Secrets From Korean Girls For Radiant Skin 4

Top 8 Skin Care Secrets From Korean Girls For Radiant Skin

The girls from the land of Kim Chi possessing smooth, vibrant skin is the dream of many beauty followers around the world and in Vietnam is no exception. So what is their secret? And Miss Tram Academy Discover skin care secrets from Korean girls for radiant skin with the article below.

Korean Women's Skin Care Secrets

1. Double Cleansing – Clean 2 times

Double cleansing is one of the most essential skin care steps, especially for those who wear makeup daily. In Korea, they pay special attention to cleaning the skin, removing all the dirt and makeup on their skin. If you do not remove all the dirt, the remaining makeup will cause damage clogged pores This is one of the main causes of acne on the skin.

Korean women's skin care secrets

So what is double cleansing? It is a combination of removing makeup and rinsing with cleanser. In Korea, people prefer to use makeup remover oil to gently remove makeup without exerting a strong scrubbing force like when using makeup remover. Then wash it off with a cleanser suitable for your skin.

With these 2 cleansing steps, your skin will remove dirt and makeup in the best way, helping to unclog pores. Continue this step even if you don't have makeup on!

* Attention: For the best emulsification of the cleansing oil, you should use warm water during the cleansing process. And at the end of the cleansing step, wash your face with cold water to help tighten pores as well as help the skin to be firmer.

2. Let the skin dry naturally

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We will not be able to know how much bacteria is accumulating in cotton towels. Even if you make sure the towel is clean, bacteria will still be there. And if you wash and dry regularly, your skin is also affected by those drying chemicals.

That's why you should let your skin dry on its own after washing your face or showering without using a towel. You can pat your skin gently to speed up the drying time as well as stimulate better blood circulation. This may take your time, but give it a try and see the results.

3. Facial massage

Korean skincare secrets

Korean women regularly massage their facial skin. They perform massage movements during the application of skin care products such as serums and creams.

Regularly performing massage movements will help nutrients from the product penetrate better into the skin, stimulating blood circulation; thereby giving the skin a rosy, firm, smooth, anti-aging sagging.

Make movements in the direction from the inside out, from the bottom up to help the skin to be firmer.

4. The 10 Second Rule

Top 8 Skin Care Secrets From Korean Girls For Radiant Skin 5

You often hear about the 10-second rule in food being dropped on the ground, now Miss Tram will also talk about the 10-second rule but applied in skin care. That is, within 10 seconds of bathing or washing your face, apply toner as well as skin care products.

Because during this time, the steam will help open your pores and help the nutrients in those products to be absorbed faster, helping the skin to heal faster. Skin Care your to be more efficient. This is the beauty secret of beautiful Korean girls.

5. Humidify the room from wet towels

This is a very useful tip that is simple and you can apply today. After bathing, immediately hang a wet towel in your room, this is a way to create and maintain humidity in the room when we often turn on the air conditioner. Moisture is the golden key in maintaining the youthfulness and softness of the skin. Many Korean families even hang wet towels around the room while sleeping to maintain moisture in the air.

6. Exercises for the mouth muscles

Top 8 Skin Care Secrets From Korean Girls For Radiant Skin 6

Among the skin care secrets, this exercise is sure to make you feel the most fun and relaxed. However, it does not mean that it is not effective, on the contrary, with this exercise it will help improve blood circulation as well as help increase the brightness of your skin. The practice is very simple, make your face the most exaggerated while reciting the AEIOU vowels.

With this reading, you will be able to activate the muscles on the mold thereby tightening as well as preventing aging and sagging. You only need to spend 5-10 minutes a day and perform this exercise, both to help relax and beautify the skin, so great, isn't it?

7. Use a paper mask

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Mask paper It is one of the most popular beauty products in Korea. This is an essential step in the skin care process of Korean girls. They are often found with the main effect of providing moisture to the skin. You can easily come across Korean artists who regularly use sheet masks to take care of their skin. Add this skincare step to your skincare routine.

8. Night mask

The repair process of skin cells is usually most active while we are sleeping. The use of a night mask as a way of invigorating has this process. A sleeping mask is actually a concentrated moisturizer, used before going to bed to provide the best nutrients for your skin.

This is the main secret in Korean girls' skin care to help overcome dull, tired skin.

Apply these tips right away Miss Tram Academy synthesized for a brighter and smoother skin. Don't forget to share your feelings after applying these tips with Miss Tram and everyone.

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