Prestige, Quality Ho Chi Minh City Eyelash Extension Training Center 1

Prestige, Quality Ho Chi Minh City Eyelash Extension Training Center

Ho Chi Minh City Eyelash Extension Training Center - Eyelash extension - curling is one of the beauty needs that women especially love. This is not a temporary trend because it has been around for a long time and is still popular to this day.

According to evaluation, the field of eyelash extension & curling requires high human resources, supporting you to develop well with the cosmetology - beauty profession.


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Max 5 students/class – Only 1 class per month.

There are 2 classes: Morning: 9:00 – 12:00 | Afternoon: 13h00 - 16h00
Classes: Basic (6 sessions) – Professional (10 sessions) – Accelerated (on request)

Ho Chi Minh City Eyelash Extension Training Center – MISS TRAM ACADEMY

Going to the eyelash extension teaching center in Ho Chi Minh City - Miss Tram Academy, You participate in the Eyelash Extensions - Eyelash curling course at Miss Tram Academy, you will be directly trained and shared by experienced instructors in the industry. .

All knowledge about eyelash extensions - curling with the latest technologies is fully transmitted, helping you confidently master modern beauty techniques in your hands to expand your career opportunities.

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+ Understand the principles of growth and characteristics of eyelashes,

+ How to analyze and shape eyelashes to suit each person's face,

+ Knowledge of artificial eyelashes: curvature, thickness, and length of eyelashes to be suitable and safe for the eyes

+ The most modern eyelash extension technique: Classic, eyelash extension, silk eyelash extension, fiber eyelash extension, one by one eyelash extension, .. Especially you will master the technology of 3D silk eyelash extensions (angels), eyelash extensions Sexy black roses are the most popular today,

+ Learning eyelash extensions at Miss Tram, you will master the technique of eyelash extensions 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, ...

+ Proficient in techniques of eyelash dyeing, eyelash coating, eyelash curling, eyelash extension,

+ Know how to remove eyelashes safely and gently.

+ Know how to mix color eyelashes and take care of them the most,

+ Acquire knowledge of customer consultation before and after eyelash extensions, skills to solve crises with customers during manipulation,

+ Usage and storage of equipment, materials used in eyelash extensions.


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Miss Tram Academy always puts the quality of teaching first. All courses at the center are geared towards the mission of imparting comprehensive knowledge - sharing practical experiences so that each student can confidently become a true eyelash extension - curling artist, spreading beauty to all. everyone.

After studying the Art of Eyelash Extensions - Eyelash curling at Miss Tram Academy, students will master the techniques from basic to advanced, know how to overcome error situations as well as how to communicate and solve customer crisis.

Studying at Miss Tram, what you get is not only the technique but also the experience and know-how to go with the profession, confidently asserting yourself.

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1. Fully funded machinery and tools during the course at the eyelash extension training center in Ho Chi Minh City

2. Trained according to an international standard curriculum with the participation of famous experts in Spa and Beauty industry

3. Sponsored free practice model when studying at Miss Tram Ho Chi Minh City Eyelash Extension Teaching Center.

4. Exam for vocational certificate issued by Vietnam National General Administration of Vocational Training is valid for life nationwide

5. Ho Chi Minh City Eyelash Extension Teaching Center - Miss Tram Academy organizes classes on demand for students who are about to leave the country, need to open a shop urgently, overseas Vietnamese return home, study in groups, tutor, study online, Studying for a degree – certificate…

6. You can request to teach in a diverse curriculum in Vietnamese, English and Chinese languages

7. Classes at Ho Chi Minh City Eyelash Extension Teaching Center - Miss Tram Academy open regularly, with diverse class schedules

8. Spacious facilities, modern classrooms, support to find clean and beautiful dormitories for students from far away when they come to register at the eyelash extension training center in HCMC

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Learn eyelash extensions - curl eyelashes at Miss Tram Academy, you can COMMITMENT OF CAREERSLearn until you are proficient and confident with your craft.

Not only that, we always create the best conditions and support those who have passion but difficult circumstances to pursue their dreams with attractive scholarship programs (Scholarships from 10 to 30 million).

In particular, you will have the opportunity to join the family of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to contribute to sowing beauty and the best things to the community.

The prestigious and top quality HCMC eyelash extension training center

Miss Tram Academy always welcomes you – Those who are passionate about the beauty industry. Enroll today to experience the professional Eyelash Extension - Curling Art course with your experts!

When you become a student at Ho Chi Minh City eyelash extension training center - Miss Tram Academy, you will be immediately granted a VIP account to learn more online courses to improve your skills.

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