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What to Pay Attention to Before Spraying Tattoos

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What to pay attention to tattoo spray?

What "state of mind" should be before starting the beauty refurbishment process? Surely many women have never thought about this, right?

So let Miss Tram give a few small reminders for everyone to pay attention to, so that the beauty results are satisfactory and perfect!

Do not use stimulants

Stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee, tobacco ... will make skin cells tight, water retention causing pain and discomfort during tattooing. These substances also affect blood circulation, making tattoo ink uneven, causing tissue water (plasma) to secrete more than usual, so there will be a situation where the skin does not eat ink ...

So 1 week before tattooing, you should NOT use any stimulants.

Ensure good health

If you are suffering from the following problems, you should absolutely not perform tattooing:

Blood sugar diseases: People with blood sugar problems are often at risk of a drop in blood pressure during tattooing. Therefore, it is best to limit tattooing or eat full to avoid hypoglycemia.

Dermatitis, allergies: Most people with dermatitis or allergies are often quite sensitive, so when tattooing, it will be difficult to achieve the same results as normal skin.

In this case, you can refer to other beauty methods instead of choosing cosmetic tattoo spray.

Choose a reputable establishment

If you've done the above 2 notes well, then the last thing you need to prepare is to find out and choose a reputable establishment.

A reputable beauty facility with a team of highly skilled professionals will help you limit the complications or bad results that occur during tattooing: infection, bleeding, pain...

Just a few small notes, but Miss Tram wants you to pay attention and prepare well if you want the perfect beauty results!

What to pay attention to tattoo spray?

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