Before And After The Results Of The Female Eyebrow Sculpting Method

Before And After Pictures Of Female Eyebrow Sculpting Method Results

Before: The customer has white skin but the eyebrows grow messy, the eyebrow shape is broken, the eyebrows are light and not in the mold. Therefore, when combined with white skin, her face always looks pale. Therefore, she decided to look to Miss Tram to overhaul her eyebrows to be more suitable.

Or: Coming to Miss Tram, she was enthusiastically consulted by #TeamMissTram on styles from eyebrow shape, to technologies suitable for her face. She has decided to choose the method of sculpting eyebrows at Miss Tram.

Not only does she create a standard eyebrow shape with the standard ratio of the face, but she is also sculpted by MissTram, so the new eyebrows are interwoven with the old eyebrows in the most soft and natural way. Now she has sharp and well-shaped eyebrows.

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