Before And After Treating Old Eyebrows, Eyebrow Sculpting Combined with Natural Powder Spray

Before and After Pictures of Old Eyebrow Treatment, Eyebrow Sculpture Combined with Natural Powder Spray

Recently, Miss Tram has encountered many cases of old eyebrows that used to spray and embroider with red and blue flowers. Most of the customers who sprayed embroidery before did not think about this case, so the sisters were very confused and had a headache.

In the case of this customer, before coming to Miss Tram, her old eyebrow color was still quite clear, but over time, the ink color was old, so her face looked much older and more fierce.

After consulting with the team of experts Miss Tram, the two sides agreed to choose the old method of eyebrow treatment, then sculpting eyebrows combined with natural powder spraying. Just cover the defects from the old eyebrows, just up the beautiful eyebrow shape, gentle natural, not too bold, not ugly when looking at.

Thank you for trusting Miss Tram's service.

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