High Development Future For Cosmetology, Beauty: Employment, Income, Expatriation 3

High Growth Future For Cosmetology, Beauty: Employment, Income, Expatriation

Have you oriented, thought about the future you do and the future of the profession you are pursuing? This article will only comment and review the aspects of The future of cosmetology, share a lot of news and comments about the cosmetology profession that is useful for those who want to study. The profession of cosmetology and beauty in general in recent years has become a profession chosen and studied by many young people.

Because this profession is not only easy to learn, but after completing your studies, you can also easily apply for many jobs, in many different positions. At the same time, cosmetology students also have many opportunities to advance and earn high income, not only in the country but also abroad. Therefore, many experts believe that the future of cosmetology is very potential.

The future of cosmetology career rich and diverse job opportunities

With the development of society, people's beauty needs are increasing day by day. Therefore, the future of cosmetology and professions related to aesthetic needs, beauty or relaxation and self-care tends to increase.

To keep up with the development trend, beauty care profession There are also obvious changes. But the most important factor is still the human factor, which is the cosmetology staff - who directly promote and meet the current blooming beauty needs.

After finishing grade 12, knowing the possibility of not being able to pursue a university path like her peers, My Trang (Dong Nai) chose to study cosmetology to easily apply for a job, because she herself realized that the future The future of cosmetology will develop more, have more opportunities. After 4 months of apprenticeship, Trang received a certificate and worked as a consultant on cosmetic spraying - tattooing. After that, Trang was transferred to an official technician, and now she is working for a famous spa in Ho Chi Minh City.

Young girl said: “If I go to work early, I can support my family earlier, instead of going to university, I have to spend more money from my parents. Now that I have saved some money, I plan to open a small spa next year to own, because in the beauty industry, the future of cosmetology is very hot.”.

Similar to My Trang, Huynh Anh (from Long An) Also pursuing the path of "beautifying people" after she failed the Foreign Trade College exam, Huynh Anh confided: "The unexpected turn into the cosmetology industry brought more job opportunities than I thought. After I graduated with a certificate of cosmetology for a while, the spa owner considered me to be a manager. With this position, I can both take care of customers and have a lot of time to learn and improve beauty knowledge.”

In addition to the main job as a spa staff, students after graduating from the course have many other career opportunities. For example, working as a spa manager, a beauty care center, as a consultant, as a receptionist, as a customer care worker, as a lecturer (if you study hard) ... or open your own beauty salon. , spa for business, owner.

It can be seen that the cosmetology industry is not limited to the work of today's young people. Well-trained and experienced employees will always be enthusiastically welcomed with high remuneration and many opportunities for future career development.

With many orientations for the future of cosmetology profession and attractive income

According to statistics Vietnam Beauty Professional Training and Development Association, Every year more than 2.000 spas and beauty salons are opened. Inside need about 20.000 technical manpower meet needs. It is forecasted that in the years 2019 - 2020, this number will increase exponentially.

High Development Future For Cosmetology, Beauty: Employment, Income, Expatriation 4

Many domestic and international cosmetology competitions are registered by many students to learn and try, continuing for a stronger future of cosmetology.

Ms. Dong Bao Tram (Founder of Miss Tram Academy) said “If in the past the nail industry was a job to work abroad, now the number of people who learn cosmetology jobs (such as tattoo spray, skin care, eyelash extensions, ...) to go abroad to work is more dominant. . On the one hand, due to the specificity of the American market, Europe favors the attitude and skills of Vietnamese cosmetologists. The beauticians in Vietnam not only have a sense of responsibility, hard work, learn hard... but besides that, they are also appreciated for having a deeper professional knowledge than workers from other countries. other family".

High Development Future For Cosmetology, Beauty: Employment, Income, Expatriation 5

Student of Vietnam Tattooing (student at Miss Tram Cosmetology Academy) won the Golden Hand champion in festival International market

Ms. Tram also analyzed another reason why the cosmetology profession is loved by many young people, because: The apprenticeship period is short, it is possible to combine learning many skills at the same time. Just go to school and practice, so after students have a certificate, they can achieve a basic salary of 7 to 10 million per month.

If considering the total cost for 4 years of college and a cosmetology course, the cost for students to graduate is only or 1/5 of the cost of getting a university degree.. Therefore, learning cosmetology still saves money, time and most importantly, quickly has a stable job, with a high income.

Is the future of the cosmetology profession outstanding?

What will the future of cosmetology look like?

Popular courses (depending on interest) to get started with cosmetology are:

With the guidance of Grand Master Dong Bao Tram (Founder of Miss Tram Academy, and also running Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center), with many years of experience in the field of beauty training, she has trained many generations of highly appreciated Miss Tram Academy students. at home and abroad. And also one of the contributing factors, bringing the future of the cosmetology profession to a new level

Miss Tram Academy uses a methodical curriculum system, a team of professional and skilled instructors and with the motto "Know what to teach, Supervising practice; Ethical and professional training"So students can quickly grasp the knowledge in a way that is close to reality, not books.

In particular, Miss Tram is the first and only unit to date to invest in App technology applications to support the professional process for free for the beauty and aesthetic spa community in Vietnam. And this is also The only place with an online learning system of more than 500 courses dedicated to work internal training

After completing the Miss Tram Academy training program, students are committed to output, 100% of their skills, confidently apply or open their own spa.

Therefore, students at Miss Tram Academy are always prioritized with many benefits to develop a sustainable career during and after the training course.

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