Sustainable Beauty - Skin Care Trends In The New Age 3

Sustainable Beauty – Skin Care Trends In The New Age

Finding a beautiful skin has always been a matter of human interest for hundreds of years. If in the past, skin care was mainly concerned with moisturizing and providing nutrients by acting on the skin's surface, making this provision only temporary. Nowadays, people have paid more attention to skin care from the inside with safe and benign products that bring a sustainable beauty over time.

Sustainable Beauty – Skin Care Trends In The New Age

Skin health is the body's standard of health

Update the latest skin care trends

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Your body has the ability to self-regulate, providing nutrients to different organs including the skin. So the body has the ability to improve the appearance of your skin. It can make your skin more radiant, healthy and youthful. If in the past, skin care from the inside was not interested and appreciated, today, experts have shown that this is the way to bring beauty to the skin in a natural, bright way. and more sustainable.

Imagine a tree, if planted on a dry land, that tree cannot be green. We need to take care of watering and fertilizing the soil to grow well. And the skin is the same, if the body lacks substance, the skin cannot be smooth and radiant.

This shows that skin care is not simply about providing external nutrients, but also how to take care of your body. Experts have shown that vitamins, minerals, water, rest, exercise, etc. all have a positive impact on your skin health.

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Supplementing nutrients for the body orally

Complete nutrition to keep skin healthy and beautiful

A scientific diet can help you get all the nutrients you need to have healthy skin. However, in today's busy times as well as the problem of contaminated food, this is completely impossible. And the replacement with oral supplements is considered the ideal choice.

You can find supplements that provide essential vitamins and minerals more easily. Along with the strong development of the beauty industry, products with specific uses for the skin or body are brought to the market to meet the current needs of people.

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The best vitamins for the skin

However, that's not why it's overused in this way. Because it can cause unwanted side effects, can seriously affect the health of the body. Adhering to the correct dosage as well as the doctor's instructions, combined with external skin care will give you the desired results: Increase skin resistance, help skin have a more sustainable beauty đẹp.

Choose organic or natural skin care products

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This is the era of organic or natural skin care products. Over the years of experience, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of the ingredient list in skin care products. And they want to use what's best for their skin and body.

There are hundreds of companies in the world as well as in the country that provide natural and safe beauty products. However, you should also be knowledgeable when choosing these products, because the market for fake cosmetics is still active and strong next to a genuine beauty product market.

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Do not skip the scientific daily skin care routine

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If you think you already have a healthy body with a scientific lifestyle and diet, you don't need to have a healthy diet. Daily skin care routine What.

This is a completely wrong thinking. Because we live in a polluted environment with a lot of smoke, radiation from the sun as well as computers and electronic devices. If you do not maintain a skin care routine from outside science, you will face a skin with many problems.

Do not neglect your skin, use sunscreen daily before going out, remove makeup thoroughly at the end of the day and exfoliate twice a week and don't forget to moisturize for a smooth, fresh skin. shining.

A simple daily skin care routine you should maintain is as follows:

  • Shining: Cleanser - toner - day cream - sunscreen
  • Dark: Makeup remover (- exfoliator) – cleanser (- mask) – toner – serum – eye cream – moisturizer

If you turn 25, you should add anti-aging products to your skin to prevent aging factors, increase elasticity and smoothness.

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