Reasons to Clean Your Eyes Before Eyelash Extensions 3

Reasons to Clean Your Eyes Before Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions has become one of the top choices of women with the desire to own a thick, long, curved eyelashes, create accents as well as increase the beauty of the eyes as well as the face. With only simple steps, non-invasive to the skin, eyelash extensions are quite safe for human health.

However, this process also needs to ensure that all cleaning and disinfection steps are carried out to ensure absolute safety as well as the quality of the eyelashes after the extension. In there Clean your eyes before applying eyelash extensions This is a particularly important step that technicians need to pay attention to.

Why Should You Clean Your Eyes Before Eyelash Extensions

Why should I clean my eyes before doing eyelash extensions?

Should I clean my eyes before applying eyelash extensions?

Many customers and technicians understand that eye hygiene is an extremely important step, but not many people know what the real effect of this step is to do other than help clean eyes. In addition to keeping the eyes clean, the biggest and most important effect of this step is to help the eyelashes after the extension get the best results, the best quality. Here are some specific reasons:

  • The eyes, especially the eyelashes, are always exposed to a lot of dirt in the outside environment. Although these dust particles are very small, they may not be visible to the naked eye, but if they stick to the eyelashes, it will make the glue take longer to dry as well as not adhere to the real eyelashes, causing the false eyelashes to quickly fall off. than.
  • In addition to the elements of dirt, eye makeup ingredients are also factors that make eyelashes less durable and cleaning eyelashes before connecting is really necessary.
  • Each person's eyelids secrete oil and protein, the eyelash cleaning step will help remove all these ingredients, helping the eyelash extension results to be more quality.

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Steps to clean eyes in the safest and cleanest way

Although the face only occupies a relatively small area on the face, the eyes are the most sensitive part, easily affected if not done safely and properly. Technicians need to pay attention to gentle and correct manipulation during eye cleaning and eyelash extensions with specialized tools.

You should perform a full range of eye hygiene steps to help remove all dirt, makeup, and oil. You can refer to the following eye hygiene steps of Miss Tram Academy:

  • Step 1: Remove makeup

Clean your eyes before applying eyelash extensions

This is a step to completely remove dirt, makeup such as mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc. Use a specialized eye makeup remover to gently wipe the entire eye area, making sure to remove makeup. . 

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  • Step 2: Clean and remove grease

How to clean your eyes safely?

The oil secreted by the eyelashes can make the adhesion of the glue no longer guaranteed. However, with just the step of removing makeup, you cannot remove all these substances, but you need to use a specialized cleaning solution. Use a cotton swab to take an appropriate amount and then gently wipe on the entire lash from root to tip to clean.

  • Step 3: Clean, increase the adhesion of the glue with primer

After removing makeup as well as removing oil, you need to clean the previous solutions with a specialized primer eye cleaner. This is also a step to increase the adhesion for eyelash extension glue. Put a sufficient amount of primer on a cotton swab, then gently wipe the entire eyelashes, the eyelid edge to ensure the customer's eyes are clean and dry at this time.

  • Step 4: Dry the lashes

Reasons to Clean Your Eyes Before Eyelash Extensions 4

This step is intended to help you save more time on eyelash extensions by using a fan to blow dry your lashes instead of waiting for them to dry naturally. Make sure your lashes are dry before you begin to apply eyelash extensions.

So you have completed the steps of proper eye hygiene and performed the next eyelash extension steps.

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Some note:

Reasons to Clean Your Eyes Before Eyelash Extensions 5

  • Because the eyes are very sensitive to chemical ingredients, you need to ensure that the products used for eye hygiene are of clear origin and are recommended for the eyes.
  • Should choose products imported from countries with high product quality such as Korea, Germany, etc.
  • Eye hygiene products should have a neutral pH, do not cause eyelashes to fall off, and contain nutrients to nourish and develop eyelash fibers.
  • The step of cleaning the eyes should be done quickly, because the skin in this area is very sensitive, if left for a long time, it will cause an imbalance in the pH of the skin.
  • During eye cleaning, if any irritation occurs, stop and wipe with physiological saline. Although this case is very rare, however, if it does, apologize and advise the customer not to perform eyelash extensions because there may be unfortunate consequences.

Is one eyelash extension technician As a professional, you need to ensure that your clients get the best results. And the eye hygiene step is a step that cannot be skipped if you want to achieve that. With the information shared here of Miss Tram AcademyHope has provided useful information.

Thank you for your interest in Miss Tram's shared article and do not forget to continue to follow to update useful knowledge.

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