Location of acupuncture points when massage helps customers relax the most 1

Location of acupuncture points when massage helps customers relax the most

Customers come Spas In addition to the desire to improve the skin, there is also a need to relax and rest after tiring working/studying days. Know 3 location of acupuncture points when massage The following will help you "satisfy" all customers!

Revealing 3 Acupressure Locations When Massage Helps Customers Relax Mentally

1. Acupoints of the road seal

An Duong point is located between the two eyebrows, KTV uses the middle finger of the left hand to massage this point about 2 times to help relax the mind, reduce stress, improve headaches, and insomnia.

location of acupuncture points when massage

2. An hypnotic acupuncture point

Hold behind the ear, 1,5cm from the earlobe. KTV uses the index finger of both hands to gently rub the An Mien point, about 2 times on each side. Or you can use your thumb to place it on the shoulder, the index finger can swipe from behind the ear to below the shoulder and vice versa, until the area is moist.

location of massage acupuncture points for guests

3. Celestial Pillars

Located about 1,5cm from the skull, 1,5cm from the spine from the outside. KTV takes both hands to find the right acupoint, press and rub for 10-15 times, then gently massage around the neck area for blood circulation, helping to cure fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia...

Location of acupuncture points when massaging customers

Hard practice and application of reflexology massage methods for customers will bring unexpected results, try it now!

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