Acne Location Alerts Your Health Status 3

Acne Location Alerts Your Health Condition

Acne location on body? The location of acne on the face, when it has appeared, has a reason. Acne appearing on the skin is not necessarily due to improper skin care, allergies, etc. But they appear also a warning sign of your health condition is having problems. With different locations, it warns of different problems in the body. Together Miss Tram Academy Learn more about this problem to find a solution.

Decoding Acne Location On Body

1. Acne on the forehead near the hairline

The area of ​​the forehead near the hairline reflects the state of your digestive system. Inflammation of the large intestine, constipation, etc. occurs when you consume too much protein-rich fast food and lack fiber, as well as a lot of fat and grease. And this is also the cause of acne appearing in this area.

If you are experiencing such a situation, the thing to do is pay attention to your diet. Limit the foods mentioned above, instead have a more scientific diet, lots of green vegetables and fruits, especially foods rich in antioxidants such as green tea, berries.

2. Acne on the forehead near the eyebrow area

Decode the location of acne on your body
acne on the forehead near the eyebrow area

This area is related to your mind and nerves. Pimples in this area are often caused by stress, anxiety and thoughts. Besides, staying up too late is also the cause of acne in this area.

To get rid of acne, you should let your mind be at ease, don't think and worry much. You can find many ways to relieve stress such as watching a favorite movie, chatting with friends and relatives in coffee, etc. Besides, try to follow a scientific lifestyle, go to bed before 23pm every day. day.

3. Acne in the middle of the eyebrows

Acne location warns your health
acne in the middle of the eyebrow

This is where the state of your liver is reflected. If acne appears here, it means that your liver is having problems. You consume too many spicy, hot, fatty foods and alcoholic drinks.

To solve this problem is very simple, you just need to eliminate the foods that cause the problem as above. Like that, acne was solved quite simply. In addition, try to add cool foods such as squash, gotu kola, lettuce, ... as well as limit excessive labor between 13:17 and XNUMX:XNUMX because this is the time when the liver does the work. weakest job.

4. Acne on the nose

The nose tells the state of your heart. The cause may be stress or blood pressure should cause acne. If you experience this problem, again, try to relax yourself. There are many ways to relieve stress for you, find your own way to relieve stress when experiencing stress. A scientific diet is also a way to help limit heart-related diseases is also something you should pay attention to.

5. Acne in the ear

Acne Location Alerts Your Health Status 4
acne in the ear

If acne appears in your ears, this indicates that your kidneys are having problems. You are lazy to drink water, too much salt and caffeine make your kidneys speak and the external sign is pimples on your ears. Drink plenty of water to help the kidney filter process best. In addition, avoid foods containing caffeine as well as limit the amount of salt supplied to the body.

6. Acne on the right cheek

Poor lung health will show up on your right cheek. It is possible that the air environment in your area is polluted, smoke, tobacco, heavy stress and allergies will cause acne to appear on the right cheek area. Try to quit smoking or stay away from smoky environments and use a mask every time you go out.

7. Acne around the mouth and chin

Acne Location Alerts Your Health Status 5
acne around mouth and chin

Pimples in this area are usually related to problems with the stomach and small intestine. With a diet full of fast food, fried food, hot spicy, the appearance of acne is easy to see. Pay attention to your diet, eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits not only help eliminate acne but also make your body healthier.

8. Acne on both sides of the jaw area

Pimples in this area are related to the body's hormones. Maybe a "red light" is coming to visit you or someone with abnormal hormones also causes acne to appear in this area. In addition, when the kidneys are overworked, it is also the cause of acne in the jaw area.

Above is some information that Miss Tram Academy wants to share with you to help you better understand the problems that are happening with your body through the location of acne. From there, you can find a solution to help get rid of those pesky pimples.

Through this, Miss Tram Academy also wants to remind you that external beauty is very much related to the "inner" beauty of your body. When the internal parts of your body have problems, they will immediately manifest on the outside. So please pay attention to taking care of your body with a scientific diet, a scientific lifestyle and a comfortable spirit!

Wish you always have a beautiful body both "inside" and "outside"!

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