Vitamin A - Savior for Healthy Skin 1

Vitamin A - Savior for Healthy Skin

Vitamin is a very important "friend" to provide nutrients and maintain health for the body. Among them must be mentioned Vitamin A It offers many benefits to the skin.

Vitamin A for healthy skin

Learn About Vitamin A – Savior for Healthy Skin

1. What is Vitamin A?

It is a fat-soluble micronutrient that regulates growth factors and is good for the body and skin.

2. Uses of Vitamin A

  • Support for eyes, reproductive function, immune system, bones and joints, especially skin health...
  • Regulates the growth of skin cells, inhibits the formation of androgens and sebaceous glands
  • Promotes collagen production, improves skin elasticity and structure
  • Prevents aging, reduces wrinkles, helps skin smooth, youthful, …
  • Considered as a "medicine" that contributes to effective acne treatment

3. Where is vitamin A abundant?

  • Active vitamin A is abundant in animals (salmon, shrimp, beef liver, eggs, milk, cheese...) and in plants (carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, green vegetables, avocados, plums... )
  • Also found in functional foods, cosmetics…

Note when using vitamin A

  • Supplementing with a sufficient amount of Vitamin A, avoiding excessive intake will easily cause jaundice, headache, dizziness, nausea ...
  • Be careful when combining drugs with Vitamin A ingredients, if the wrong way is to damage the liver and cause side effects.
  • Sunscreen should be used when using products/topical products containing vitamin A to protect the skin from the sun.

With the information about this "divine" Vitamin, I hope to help KTV and Trainees know more good knowledge, thereby applying it to customers and themselves.

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