Remove Lip Color Ever Sprayed For Male Customers, What Should You Pay Attention To

[Question and Answer] What should be paid attention to when removing lip color that has been sprayed for male customers?

In previous posts, Miss Tram talked about methods and notes when performing lip color removal for female customers. And to continue that topic, today we will learn a few notes when removing lip color for MEN!

Unlike women, when choosing any beauty plan, what men care about is that it must SO NATURAL must have a masculine character. So when starting to handle lip color for men, always keep the following points in mind:

  • Determine the customer's current lip color to have a suitable treatment plan.
  • Should advise removing by the fastest method because the customer is a male, so it is very afraid that people will know that I used to be beautiful.
  • Yag Laser tattoo removal technology can be introduced safely - quickly - effectively and without leaving scars.
  • In the case of the customer's lip color.

TAbove are the methods commonly used to handle color removal for male customers. Do you KTV or Miss Tram's students have any other ways to handle it? Share it in the comments below this post!

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