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Remove Old Ink Color With European Standard Solution Or Hi-Tech

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Remove Old Ink Color With Solution Or High Technology European Standard 3

Correcting or erasing old ink colors with solutions or high technology according to current European standards is not difficult, but still makes many students confused in determining the right method and consulting customers. So, Miss Tram shares with you 3 methods of eyebrow treatment that have been done so far that the market is implementing.

From there, you will have a better overview of the Pros and Cons of each method, and understand which eyebrow correction is suitable to advise your customers!

Spray Skin Color Overlapping – Traditional, inexpensive method pháp

Spraying skin color is a simple traditional method in eyebrow correction. The specialist will proceed to spray a layer of color that is similar to your skin color to spray over the old eyebrows. After that skin color layer, you will be able to create a new eyebrow shape to your liking.


  • Simple, easy to do
  • Doesn't take much time, low cost to implement


  • No matter how expert in mixing, it is impossible to mix colors that match your skin tone, thus making the old ink color mixed with the new color smudged.
  • Difficult to edit later because the skin color once sprayed cannot be erased...
  • After a while, when the skin color overlaps, it will reveal the old ink underneath, from which your eyebrows will be at risk of becoming 2,3 unsightly eyebrows.
  • The skin after layering skin color will be calloused, the hair follicles will gradually weaken from which it will not be able to grow new eyebrows, the real eyebrows will also completely fall out...

Laser removal – thorough erasure, moderate cost, a bit time consuming

The principle of tattoo removal is based on the wavelength energy emitted by the laser to break the bonds between tattoo ink molecules and eliminate them directly through the lymphatic system.

In particular, the intelligent laser wavelength recognizes the tattoo ink pigment area, only affecting the tattoo ink without affecting other skin areas.


  • Leaves no traces of old tattoo ink on the eyebrow area, making it easy to change your eyebrows according to the latest technologies
  • Laser method is applied to all cases of eyebrow tattoo, even difficult eyebrow shape, deep tattoo ink, ...
  • Eyebrow tattoo removal only uses 2 wavelengths to affect the tattoo ink pigment in the skin epidermis, completely without interfering deeply with the inner cells. Therefore, right after the treatment, you do not feel pain or redness in the eyebrow area due to very small damage.
  • In the process of laser irradiation to remove tattoos, the Specialist adjusts the wavelength to stimulate collagen development to regenerate the skin immediately when there is an external impact on the skin. Therefore, even after completing the treatment, the skin is completely normal, without burning or scarring, and does not affect the real eyebrows.
  • The cost of deletion is not too high


  • It takes quite a while to erase, ranging from 1 to 5 times, each time 1 month apart depending on the depth of the ink.
  • You must choose a reputable facility with a standard line of laser erasing machines.
  • Safe to not hurt, leave scars or burn real eyebrows.

Treatment with European Standard Solution – Fast, painless, can make new eyebrows right away.

This is the most perfect method of getting the color out of the skin today and it is completely possible to do Spray / Sculpt again without losing time like Laser removal.


  • The procedure is gentle, non-invasive.
  • Cost savings.
  • Does not affect real eyebrows.
  • With no downtime, the new Method can be implemented immediately afterwards.
  • Completely process blue/red ink… without laser.


  • The time to completely remove the old ink can take 1-3 times depending on the depth of the old tattoo ink, through each inspection The specialist will conduct a test to make the new eyebrows more beautiful and natural. .
  • There are very few facilities that can be treated with European solutions, you should be careful with facilities that erase with creams of unknown origin or acids that damage the skin, money loss of gills.

Hope some of the above summaries help you!

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