Instructions for Removing Eyebrow Tattoos with Color Lift Solution 2

Instructions for Removing Eyebrow Tattoos with Color Lift Solution

The Technique of Removing Eyebrow Tattoos with the Right Color Lift Solution.

To own delicate eyebrows, many girls have applied the beauty method of eyebrow embroidery. But the practice at unscrupulous establishments leading to damaged tattoos or inappropriate eyebrow shaping still often happens.

So for KTV to perform tattoo removal of damaged eyebrows, how to proceed with the correct technique. Let's refer to Miss Tram's detailed instructions below.

Instructions for Removing Eyebrow Tattoos with Color Lift Solution 3

To remove tattoos, you should use Color Lift tattoo removal solution, so that the solution comes into direct contact with the ink to remove the ink. With light color streaks, it only takes 1 time to erase, but with deep color streaks, it takes 2 or 3 times to completely go away. Time to delete again 3 weeks.

First erase KTV without skin tinting:

– Use the machine to take the Color Lift solution evenly on the skin to be removed by dotted each dot, hold for 2 seconds, then move to the side 1mm away and then dot again (continue to keep the time for 2 seconds), note the depth of the ink bed, the solution can be put into the ink layer to achieve the highest ink ejection efficiency.

- After finishing the area to be erased, wipe the color clean. Then take out an amount of Color Lift to incubate for a few minutes and then wipe it, the purpose is to let the solution follow the needle holes to penetrate under the skin to push the ink out again.

Next delete:

– Mix Color Lift with Skin color in a ratio of 3:1 (this ratio is only approximate) for the purpose of covering the remaining color streaks that have not been erased.

- Use the vacuum cleaner this mixture to go up to the skin like a spray technique, go lightly, slowly move gently. When you see the color pop out, wipe it, clean the nib and continue. If the eyebrows are already pale but want to spray again, then there is no need to mix the skin color, wait for the solution to be removed for 1 month before you can spray the color again.

The valuable experiences and Miss Tram shared above will be of great help to students in repairing cases of broken eyebrows, misleading eyebrow tattooing, too big, too small or too bold. Good luck!

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