latest eyebrow trend

This Year's Eyebrow Beauty Trend

Which Eyebrow Beauty Trend Is HOT Right Now?

The trend of eyebrow beauty in 2021 Vietnam is making impressive strides, throughout the fashion catwalk, this year's beauty magazine is constantly "promoting" curved eyebrows that bring elegance and personality. KTV, please update your TRENDY 2021 Vietnam eyebrows immediately to advise and introduce to customers!

latest eyebrow trend
The latest eyebrow trend this year

The curved eyebrow shape (also known as the Thai eyebrow shape) combines the sharp slanted European and American eyebrows and the youthful and modern horizontal eyebrow shape of Korea. Thai eyebrows are the average of a personality style, trendy but no less natural and friendly.

The outstanding advantages of Thai curved eyebrows:

– This method is suitable for customers with asymmetrical or sparse eyebrows.

– Moderate arc curvature, creating sharpness but still youthful, soft, eyes with depth and more prominent than safe horizontal eyebrows.

– This eyebrow shape is not picky, KTV can adjust the degree of curvature of the eyebrows to suit the face shape of long, short, oval, square, or round...

- Create your own personality and uniqueness, making your face more attractive and fashionable.

- The needle path glides smoothly on the skin in the epidermal area, does not go deep to cause invasion.

– Depending on the location of each customer, the color fastness can be kept from 2-3 years. However, there are cases where the location is good, done by a skilled KTV and a reputable beauty salon, which can be kept for 3 to 5 years.

Above is information about Thai curved eyebrows that are expected to create a new trend in 2021 Vietnam. Wish KTV pocket more useful knowledge!

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