Lip Makeup Trends Predicted to Take the Throne in 3

Lip Makeup Trends Predicted to Take the Throne in the Year

Along with the constant change in makeup styles, lips also receive new makeup trends. So this year, which lip makeup trends will be predicted to take the throne? All will be in the summary article below of Miss Tram Academy, invite you to consult.

Lip Makeup Trends Predicted to Take the Throne in the Year

1. Return of lip gloss

Latest lip makeup trends this year hướng

In recent years, you have probably seen the peak of the matte lipstick line in the hearts of beauty believers. Just go to the street, everywhere you will see attractive, personality lips with matte color on the lips. However, the golden age of matte lipstick is over, this year, it is the return of lip gloss along with the trend of natural beauty. With this trend, your lips are also more cherished, no longer having to bear the burden of heavy, dry matte lipsticks.

Many people will feel uncomfortable thinking about a line of lip gloss that is wet, sticky, messy and difficult to use as they subconsciously remember what year it was. Now, with the sensitivity of the big boys in the beauty industry and the constant improvement of technology, the lip glosses introduced in will eliminate the biggest defects of the previous lip gloss. . Gives you a glossy lip without stickiness or discomfort.

Latest lip makeup trends

So, do you already have a lip gloss in your lipstick collection, hurry up and buy one to catch up with this year's trend. The lipstick colors that are expected to be hot are the light, fresh colors such as coral pink, earth orange, etc. Besides helping you keep the natural look of your face, lip gloss also has the ability to plump and smooth. Instant lips.

2. Say no to lip liner

lip makeup trends this year

Along with the trend of natural makeup, lip liner is also one of the trends that are expected to disappear this year. No longer meticulously lined lips, but instead, makeup experts recommend using two lipstick colors of the same tone, applied in an ombre style to both shape the lips and create a stretch effect. succulent. Or apply lipstick in the center of the lips and then gradually spread it to the edge to help the lips have a more natural, clear beauty.

Update the latest lip makeup trends

This trend appears to be a good sign for busy office girls who don't have too much time for makeup or those who love youthful and sweet beauty but don't want to have to apply it on their skin My lips have dozens of layers of foundation, heavy coating, and dry lines.

3. Sparkling lips

Lip Makeup Trends Predicted to Take the Throne in 4

Contrary to the natural, pure nature of the makeup trends mentioned above. Sparkling lips will give you a much more unique, charming and personality style.

Promoted by singer Rihanna, sparkling lips are expected to make a splash this year. To get sparkling lips, you can start by using a matte lipstick as a base, then cover with a layer of glitter, or you can use lipsticks that are available with glitter.

In addition, if you want to have perfect glossy lips, use a lip gloss containing nutrients or apply a primer before applying lipstick.

With this trend, it will be suitable for young and dynamic parties. At this point, you will become the center of attention of the whole party.

4. Dark lipstick color

Lip Makeup Trends Predicted to Take the Throne in 5

Besides the rise of gentle and youthful colors such as coral pink, earthy orange, nude, etc., this year is also the rise of bold and personality lipstick colors such as red-brown, orange-brown or other colors. neon colors… This is most clearly demonstrated by these colors being the best-selling lipstick colors in recent times.

This trend can be combined with brown or black eyeliner or mascara. At this time, all attention will be directed to you by a sexy, personality makeup style. This is also a very popular trend of European and American girls.

Every day, the world appears new beauty trends, if you do not supplement and update your knowledge, you will most likely become lagging behind. Above are the lip makeup trends that are expected to take the throne this year Miss Tram Academy Updated and compiled.

However, for each trend, you should apply it appropriately to the space and event you come to. Do not use the trend of sparkling lips for school or work because it can make you weird in the eyes of those around you.

And don't forget, no matter how popular a trend is, if you don't feel it's right for you, don't force yourself to follow those trends. Because, you are most beautiful when you are most confident in yourself.

Miss Tram Academy Wish you always beautiful!

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