Before And After Treatment of Red Embroidery Eyebrow - 9D

Before and After Pictures of Red Embroidery Eyebrow Treatment – ​​9D

Before: Before going to Miss Tram to beautify, the female customer had embroidered you before, but after a while you were red. This makes her feel sad and anxious to find a way to fix it.

Or: With the encouragement and enthusiastic advice of #TeamMissTram, she decided to refurbish her eyebrows with 9D sculpting.

As for her eyebrows that used to be embroidered and red, #TeamMissTram will process the old ink color first, then use 9D sculpting technology to create beautiful natural new eyebrows for her.

Now you can be more confident with your new eyebrows. Wishing you good health and always beautiful love life!

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