Before And After Treating Old Eyebrows – Head Sculpting And Tail Spraying For Women

Before And After Pictures Of Old Eyebrows Treatment – ​​Head Sculpting And Tail Spraying For Women

Before: This customer has an old eyebrow that is now colored and somewhat faded. She felt that the eyebrows were no longer suitable, so she went to Miss Tram with the desire to renew her eyebrows.

Or: After discussing and coming to a decision, #TeamMissTram helped her skillfully handle the old ink color, combining head sculpting and powder spraying for the tail of the eyebrows so that the new eyebrows are more beautiful. Moreover, this eyebrow part is used the exclusive Queen ink at Miss Tram, supporting free re-mileage up to 1 year. 

Check out the results after this customer's work is done!

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