Before And After Results Of Old Eyebrow Treatment – ​​Beautiful Sculpting And Spraying Powder For Customers

Before And After Pictures Of Old Eyebrow Treatment Results - Beautiful Sculpting And Spraying Powder For Customers

Before: This customer, before coming to Miss Tram, had a beauty treatment through her eyebrows. But over time, now, her eyebrows have a red-green phenomenon and the ink color is no longer as bold and beautiful as before. With the desire to fix the old eyebrows, she went to the experts of Miss Tram for advice and beauty.

Or: Receive professional advice and dedicated solutions from #TeamMissTram. She agreed with the method of sculpting the fibers for the head and combining with the ultra-fine powder spraying for the tail of the eyebrows.

After completing, she was really surprised and very satisfied with the new eyebrows that Miss Tram made.

Check out her pictures after doing a new eyebrow!

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