Before And After Treating Old Eyebrows – Head Sculpting Combined with Eyebrow Powder Spray

Before and After Pictures of Old Eyebrow Treatment – ​​Head Sculpting Combined with Eyebrow Powder Spray

Before: For many different reasons, the eyebrows that have been made by the customer are discolored, blurred and look inappropriate. 

Or: When coming to Miss Tram, she was received, exchanged and consulted by the Specialist to come up with the best solution. These eyebrows are treated with the old coloring before proceeding with Head Sculpting combined with Powder Spraying for the tail to create new eyebrows with clearer and sharper lines. 

Looking back at the Before - After beautification images, this lady herself also felt a little surprised at her change. 

Miss Tram thank you very much for choosing and giving us the opportunity to beautify!

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