Before And After Treating Old Eyebrows – New Eyebrow Super Smooth Powder Spray

Before And After Pictures Of Old Eyebrows Treatment – ​​New Eyebrow Super Smooth Powder Spray For Women

Many customers come to Miss Tram to handle the old eyebrow color that has been sprayed, often you will show signs of green and red bloom due to various reasons such as poor ink quality, poor professional skills, equipment old fashioned.

This female customer is also one of them. Before coming to Miss Tram, you still have the old ink color too dark, so #TeamMissTram advises on choosing the powder spraying method as the most effective option.

After treating the old eyebrow color and spraying new eyebrow powder, her eyebrows look more beautiful and match the face, creating a clear highlight. I am very happy and thank you very much Miss Tram.

Wish you always young and love life.

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