Experience Treating Pale Eyebrows With Sculpture 2

Experience Treating Pale Eyebrows With Sculpture

Using the Sculpting Method “Turns” Pale Eyebrows Thicker.

Experience Treating Pale Eyebrows With Sculpture 3

The shape of the eyebrows has a great influence on the overall face, its influence can make the face look fresh, youthful and full of life, or the shape of the eyebrows is not beautiful, making the overall look less sharp and old. . Miss Tram received a lot of confided words from sisters with the question: "How to slap the eyebrow with a bold head, but the tail is "lost" making the overall not harmonious and less charming. .

So what is the solution to this "Bold - Light" problem?

Miss Tram would like to nominate the method of EYEBROWSHIPATION - a "good candidate" to help "transform" the pale eyebrows to become thicker.

Eyebrow sculpture is the most aesthetic method of creating eyebrows today. Accordingly, the specialist will use a special engraving knife with a micro-blade to put ink on the skin, carve each fiber meticulously and intertwine naturally like the real thing.

Coming to Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center, #eyes will be pampered with the following standard process:

1. Examination and consultation: The expert examines the current eyebrow condition and then advises on the shape, color suitable for the face, skin color, hair color, interests ...
2. Define and draw the eyebrow shape: Based on the GOLDEN RATE principle and specialized tools to determine and shape suitable and balanced eyebrows.
3. Cleaning eyebrows and numbing: After you are satisfied with the outline of your eyebrows, the KTV will clean and numb
4. Sculpting: Professionals begin to perform the process of sculpting each eyebrow with 3D/6D/9D . technique

Make sure that when done, customers only want to look at their eyebrows and face forever. What are you waiting for, do not book an appointment right away so that your eyebrows can be "fixed" to change your new look!

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