Before and After Old Eyelid Treatment – ​​Spray Black Eyelids Smooth, No Swelling, No Pain

Before and After Pictures of Old Eyelid Treatment – ​​Smooth Black Eyelid Spray, No Swelling, No Pain

Eyes are the windows to the soul, today's women not only take care of their skin but also want to beautify their eyes.

Before: This guest to Miss Tram shared that she used to spray her eyelids but it's been a long time, so the ink color is old and much lighter. Therefore, she wants to renew it to create an attractiveness for her eyes.

Or: After consulting and proposing the most suitable solution for Ms. #TeamMissTram has immediately embarked on renewing eyelashes with modern eyelid spray technology at Miss Tram which is a method of epidermal injection, non-invasive to the eyes, painless, no swelling and moreover, very smooth ink lines. which, natural black.

Let's review the results when spraying super beautiful, black, smooth and natural natural eyelids at Miss Tram Beauty Salon!

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