Before And After Treating Old Spray Lips – New Queen Lip Sculpture For Women

Before And After Pictures Of Old Spray Lip Treatment – ​​New Queen Lip Sculpture For Women

Before: This customer is one of the many customers who come to beautify their lips at Miss Tram, but she has sprayed her lips before and had a dark color and dark lips, so she decided to beautify her lips.

Or: After contemplating for a while, #TeamMissTram came up with a solution by treating the old ink color, then implementing new beauty methods, and she chose Queen's lip sculpting technology to beautify her lips.

Results when done. She is very happy and excited after seeing the change on her lips. She also feels more secure and confident by the warranty and ink miles for up to 2 years at Miss Tram.

Check out the new lip image of this customer!

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