Before And After Scar Treatment – ​​Eyebrows Discoloration By Powder Spray Method

Image of Scar Treatment Results – Eyebrows Falling Color For Customers With Super Fine Powder Spray Method

Before: You fall, your old eyebrows overlap, you have a lot of scars but the most difficult thing is that the customer does not agree to remove the old eyebrow layer. (partly because she was afraid of leaving more scars like she did before, partly because she was about to return to the US, so she didn't have much time.).

Or: After checking, consulting, and communicating with customers, Miss Tram accepted the "situation" and began to deal with the problem. Miss Tram redraws her eyebrows properly, treats scars and uses Ultra-fine powder spraying method to perform.

And the result is as beautiful as you can see in the photo. After looking at her eyebrows, the customer was extremely happy and satisfied, she affirmed: Miss Tram has witchy hands, because she goes to many big places but her eyebrows are getting worse and worse. Wish you beautiful!

Let's see her pictures before and after applying the superfine powder spraying method below:

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