The safest way to treat lip contours with the most modern technology 2

The safest way to treat lip contours with modern technology

Treatment of dark lips is the method chosen by many people, so when encountering cases of customers with dark lips, how will KTV handle it? Has anyone memorized this lip removal process yet?

With Miss Tram Academy review the processing steps"FAST - COMPACT - FAST"This is the case!

The safest way to treat lip contours with the most modern technology 3

Instructions on how to handle lip contours with the safest modern technology

  • To treat dark spots, KTV can use baby pink to spray first, then proceed to spray lips normally.
  • In case of severe darkening, KTV sprays 3-4 layers of baby pink, then proceeds to spray the lips with a natural red-orange color.
  • You should advise customers to come back after 2-3 months to add extra miles to help up the standard color.
  • For customers who have ever sprayed tattoo but still have old ink lines on their lips, it is recommended to use Yag Laser technology with wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm to break the remaining color bonds.
  • To prevent darkening, you should choose quality ink, use the needle evenly (the needle is at 0,2 - 0.3 mm), avoid going too long to cause bruising, bleeding ...
  • In addition, before and after spraying you need to clean your lips, apply Vaseline to help your lips get the best color.

With the method of treating dark lips that Miss Tram shared above, it will help you have an accurate and timely treatment, giving customers smooth, shiny lips.

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