Before and After Treatment of Green Eyebrows – Head Sculpting And Powder Spraying for the Tail

Before And After Pictures Of Brow Brow Eyebrow Treatment – ​​Head Sculpting And Tail Powder Spraying

Before: This lady confided that she used to spray her eyebrows, but after a while, her eyebrows were green. Along with that, the guest also wants Miss Tram to find a way to create a better, more beautiful eyebrow shape with her face.

Or: After conferring, #TeamMissTram Finally came up with a solution that, with the eyebrow part that has been done and has a greening phenomenon, this part will be handled quickly. Then, use a combination of sculpting the first part and spraying the powder on the tail to help you have beautiful new eyebrows, more standard ink colors. 

Let's see the results of her eyebrows right away and don't forget to visit Miss Tram for expert advice and beautify your eyebrows! 

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